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Direct Placement Business Partner

My Business and Services

Thank you for your interest in the partnership opportunity! I currently own P.I. Network, which offers several services related to staffing - direct placement, temp-to-perm, job boards, consulting, and recruitment marketing. Even though they all fall under the same umbrella, I’m growing them separately, and putting together different teams to help me with each service.


What I’m Looking For

One area that I need a partner in is the Direct Placement service. I started offering this service to DFW companies in 2018, and have since worked with various clients in, helping them fill all sorts of salaried positions. I also have recruiters working for me.

Today, I want to “relaunch” the business with a partner. The ideal partner is someone who wants to start their own recruitment business, who is a strong recruiter - someone who could use a partner like me to bring in the clients for them. This partner would handle the client management and recruitment for all open roles. The plan is to scale the business and build a team of recruiters down the road. At that point, we would be able to enjoy the success of the business without having to put in as many hours.

Why I'm Looking for a Partner

It's very difficult to run and scale a successful business with only one owner or manager. I've come to the point where I realize that I need someone whom I can consistently count on to take care of my clients and their open requisitions, and eventually manage a team of great recruiters. While many people can do this short term, I'd prefer someone who is willing to commit to growing this business with me for a long time.

Is This Right For You?

If you're open to this kind of partnership, and believe you have the right recruiting and client management experience, as well as being in the right place in life to pursue such venture, I'd be happy to speak with you to discuss further.

- Kevin Pepper

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many partners are you looking for?

A: Just one. I prefer someone in the DFW area.

Q: Will the partner need to bring in capital to join?

A: No, capital is not needed, but the partner will have to provide their own resources such as work equipment, work space, and access to candidates, like a LinkedIn subscription.



Q: Do you already have existing clients?


A: Yes, I have active clients and inactive ones that I could get business from once I have the right partner in place.


Q: How will the partner get paid.

A: We’ll treat it like a brand new venture for both of us. We’ll start out with zero income and build it up. Once we place someone to work, the client will pay us. Initially, we’ll split the payment 50/50, and as the business scales and we take on more expenses and investment, we’ll figure out how to divide the responsibilities, expenses, and profits. I’m open to something that works for both.

Q: Can I keep my current job while working with you?

A: Yes, that would be fine, initially. But I do expect that we’d get to the point where the growth and success of this business will make it the main focus of your time and efforts.

Q: What’s next?

A: If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss this with me, please use my online calendar to do so. I look forward to it!

Q: How else can I partner with you?

A: If this particular partnership is not what you’re looking for, there are other ways you could work with me.

One way is by referring hiring companies to use one of my services, which would earn you a residual side income. This offer will always be on the table. See here for more info.

Another possibility is to partner with me in one of my other services. I'm looking for additional partners to help with my temp-to-perm services, recruitment marketing, HR job board, and consulting services. Let me know if one of these interests you!

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