Ten Steps to a Great Hire

Updated: May 26, 2020

Whether you are a corporate recruiter or a third party recruiter working with a client, it's important to develop a full understanding of each opportunity before setting out to begin your search for candidates (duh!). While this may sound obvious, it is not always the case, as many recruiters still lack access to certain information about the role and company, or they may not fully grasp the overall understanding of what the role is, or how it fits in with the rest of the company.

Imagine finding the "perfect candidate" and not able to convince them that you have the best opportunity for them because you don't know how to describe the company culture, or you can't quite verbalize why the available role is a good career move for them. Or imagine not being able to describe the perfect candidate to the hiring manager because you don't know which of their amazing skills are applicable to the role you're recommending them for.

Below is a quick summary of the Ten Step Approach that could lead to your next successful hire.

1) Obtain as much relevant information about the department, company, products, services, industry, work environment, and job description as possible before beginning your search

2) Have a true understanding of why the job is great, and for whom the job may be considered a great opportunity

3) Understand the company culture and get to know key personalities involved with the role, then develop profiles of ideal candidates that would be delighted to be a part of the team

4) Create a unique and exciting job description that doesn’t look or read like a job description

5) Create a list of competitors, industries, and backgrounds where qualified candidates may be found

6) Use humor, insights, facts, bold statements, creative writings, and direct references when engaging potential candidates

7) Present the opportunity to candidates as transparently as possible, while screening candidates for skills, experience, personality, goals, and work eligibility

8) Insist on meeting candidates in person, or over video calls before deciding to present candidates to hiring manager

9) Introduce selected candidates to hiring managers in full confidence of candidates’ qualifications

10) Facilitate interviews, inquiries, salary negotiations, and on-boarding procedures.

These are the steps we take to provide our clients with the thorough screening they require to ensure a great hire that will continue to be around beyond the guarantee period. What else do you do to make sure you fully understand the role and candidates before introducing them to the hiring manager?

Happy Recruiting!

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