Solve Most Talent Issues with Virtual Job Fairs

In the recruiting business, we keep hearing about new software, new ways to automate the process, new ways to access unlimited candidates, etc. I think THAT is the problem with recruiting - there's too many different approaches and practices.

Overall, recruiting and job searching are very inefficient processes, and instead of relying on discourse between employers and job seekers to improve the experience, we are relying more and more on new technologies to solve a problem that was partially created by technology in the first place.

There is such thing as unnecessary progress, and too many options.

As an employer, would you want 200 candidates to apply to one job posting, most of whom do so indiscriminately, or would you rather only a handful of quality, viable candidates applied?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. But how many companies out there are actually able to encourage qualified candidates to apply, and discourage unqualified ones?

I believe one way for employers to effectively communicate with candidates is to put on weekly virtual job fairs. With just one hour of investment a week, employers could:

1) Get in front of interested candidates

2) Share their current opportunities in more details

3) Communicate their recruitment and interview processes

4) Communicate their company culture, perks, benefits, and anything else that might entice viable candidates to consider applying

5) Increase brand and company awareness

6) Attract the right talents to open roles

7) Discourage unqualified candidates from applying

8) Stand out against competing employers

9) Attract new talents into their industry

10) Even get in front of prospective clients

And all this can be set up within a couple of hours, with little to no additional cost to the company!


  1. Get a Zoom account (or something equivalent) and create an event (which is the job fair)

  2. Promote and share the Zoom link to candidates and people who follow your company

  3. Be prepared to host the Zoom meeting and talk about your company for one hour a week (or less often, depending on how much hiring is needed)


One easy way to promote the job fairs and request participants to register their information is to set up an Eventbrite event, and ask all interested participants to register their information there, in order to receive the Zoom link. (About 30 mins to set up).

If your company decides not to use Eventbrite, you could still promote the job fairs by talking about it and providing the Zoom link.

Both Eventbrite and Zoom links can be posted on the company website, in all job postings, and on social media.

The key here is to consistently and regularly let candidates know that your company hosts these job fairs. Eventually, all interested candidates will know, and the serious ones will tune in.


This whole setup can be done completely free of cost. Eventbrite is free, and even Zoom offers free accounts for light usage. I'd recommend signing up for a paid Zoom account ($16 per month) to gain access to necessary features.

The only other investment is the one hour per week spent in front of a camera to connect with candidates. That's about it.

If your company consistently puts on these job fairs, where you are communicating and providing relevant information to candidates about the opportunities and your company, I believe you can expect to see an increased level of engaged and qualified candidates, and a decrease in casual and less qualified ones.

I would love to hear your experience with this idea!

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