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PI Staffing Services

PI Staffing is a staffing broker. We collaborate with a network of trusted and capable staffing agencies to offer our clients a wide range of options for their temp-to-perm workforce needs. Through rigorous vetting processes, we handpick agencies that excel in their respective industries and fields, guaranteeing our clients top-notch service and expertise tailored to their unique requirements.

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With PI Staffing, every move you make will be one of certainty


Leveraging our deep understanding of the staffing market and agency operations, PI Staffing excels in swiftly and precisely evaluating the strengths and capabilities of every staffing agency we collaborate with. Our thorough background research and expert recommendations not only streamline the selection process but also enhance our clients' prospects of discovering the ideal agency to fulfill their hiring requirements.

Temp-to-Perm Staffing

Make your hiring process a breeze with our Temp-to-Perm staffing solution. We collaborate with premier staffing agencies to provide you with access to top-tier talent on a temporary basis, allowing you to assess their performance and fit within your company culture. When you find the perfect match, seamlessly transition them into a permanent role with confidence. Our expertise in connecting you with the right agencies ensures a smooth and efficient recruitment journey, saving you time and resources while securing the ideal long-term addition to your team.

Short-Term Assignments

Stay agile and responsive to your business needs with our Short-Term staffing solution. Through our strategic partnerships with leading staffing agencies, we offer access to skilled professionals who can quickly fill temporary positions, whether it's to cover seasonal demands, project-based requirements, or sudden spikes in workload. Our network ensures that you have access to vetted talent precisely when you need it, allowing you to maintain productivity and meet deadlines without the long-term commitment of permanent hires.

Payroll Services

Streamline your contingent workforce management with our comprehensive Payroll services. By partnering with trusted staffing agencies, we take care of all payroll processing, tax withholding, benefits administration, and compliance management on your behalf. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your temporary and contract workers are paid accurately and on time, while also ensuring regulatory adherence and minimizing administrative burden. Focus on growing your business while we handle the payroll logistics seamlessly.

On-Site Programs

Enhance efficiency and collaboration within your organization with our On-Site Programs. Through our partnerships with staffing agencies, we establish dedicated on-site management teams to oversee workforce planning, recruitment, training, and performance management tailored to your specific needs. This proactive approach ensures seamless integration of contingent workers into your operations, fosters collaboration between internal and external teams, and optimizes productivity. Let us align your staffing resources with your organizational goals, delivering cost-effective and scalable workforce solutions directly to your doorstep

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