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Strategic Process Improvement Engineer - Pasadena, TX

Position Summary

Works in the Strategic Process Improvement Group and with Technical teams at manufacturing sites to identify and develop process improvements for the Polyvinyl Alcohol business. Work within teams to improve business profitability by decreasing manufacturing costs through energy optimization and yield improvement initiatives. Assist with new technology investigation to support Company's sustainability goals.

Find process improvements in order to improve and stabilize product quality. Will work closely with sites to test and validate concepts in small scale equipment both in-house and with external vendors and scale up for use in manufacturing. Must have strong project management skills including setting milestones and delivering on technical development plans.


Pasadena, TX


Up to 90,000


Full Benefits with 401k match

Key Requirements

Chemical Engineering degree, some knowledge or exposure to process improvement

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday

Team / Department Structure

One of four members of the SPI Group, each working at a different plant. Reports to the group leader.

Company Size

Large global company

Career Path

Job Description

​Major Activities

  • Identify new concepts for process improvement in the Polyvinyl Alcohol manufacturing process

  • Work within the department and other departments including manufacturing to implement validated concepts

  • Work with manufacturing sites to reduce manufacturing costs (yield and energy efficiency improvements) and capacity improvements/debottlenecking studies

  • Test and validate concepts in small scale equipment in-house and with external vendors. Lead process optimizations and scale-ups

  • Feasibility studies to test new process technologies to promote company’s sustainability and CO2 reduction objectives

  • Manage technical projects including milestones and deliverables. Prepares internal and external reports and presents effectively

Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

  • Strong technical knowledge of unit operations and polymer processing

  • Proven ability to develop, validate, and implement process technology in a concise manner (written and verbal communication skills)

  • Demonstrated use of statistical analysis for problem solving (using tools such as Minitab)

  • Demonstrated knowledge of OSHA PSM and engineering standards.

  • Proven ability to lead others through influence

  • Strong work ethic and self-motivated

  • Ability to work and communicate effectively in multifunctional and multicultural teams

Education/Experience Required

  • B.S./M.S. Chemical Engineer with 2+ years of applicable experience in a manufacturing process engineering role or research environment. M.S. is preferred

  • Computer modeling and simulation skills preferred

  • Knowledge of quality management tools and methods is a plus

Desired Character Qualities

  • Highly motivated, well organized, dependable, team player


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